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Your travel itinerary should feature everything you’d love to see, explore, try out, or experience while visiting Palestine. It pays to create your itinerary before setting off for your travel to save on costs and time.

Whether you’ve been to Palestine before or not, we can help you create a great itinerary for your next travel. We’ll provide you with the tips and ideas you need to create an exemplary itinerary.

In this page, you’ll get all the resources you need to create an itinerary for your Palestine trip or vacation.

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What To Do


Some things you can do while visiting Palestine is to join protests against the military occupation to show solidarity with the locals. You can also engage in volunteering activities such as teaching and harvesting olives.

An educational tour can equip you to voice your experience and the situation upon returning to your country. This is a great way to be part of creating awareness of the Palestine situation not just in your home country, but also worldwide.

Other things you can do in Palestine include studying Arabic, experiencing the amazing climate, making lifelong friendships, eating good food, exploring historical sites, and vacationing during the holidays. Home to a rich culture, interesting history and beautiful scenery, there’s so much to do during your travel.

In this page, you’ll learn about the many things you can do in Palestine to keep you busy and create lasting memories.